Why choose Naturo'Deliss for the organization of your professional meal ?

Organic & Fresh products

All culinary preparations are made from 100% organic and 100% fresh products !

100% Homemade

ALL dishes are homemade and made by our chef, in love with good organic food.

Local products

Naturo'Deliss cuisine is defined in keeping with the rhythm of the seasons and the production of our local farmers, with whom we work live as much as possible.


Opt for Bio Naturo'Deliss Lunchboxes!


Naturo'Deliss offers organic catering services for professionals in the Var and provides you with an organic Lunchbox service.

As you can see, this service is close to organic take-out menus made weekly by your organic caterer.

To meet your needs for a professional Organic lunch, you can create the menu of your choice from the suggestions of your caterer.

Whether it's an Appetizer + Dish + Dessert + Drink, or simply a dish, you'll discover creative organic preparations while eating healthy!

Examples of starters: Leek rillettes, Pepper muffin, Hummus, Tapenades, Gaspacho ...
Examples of dishes: Zucchini lasagna, Caesar salad, Couscous, Octopus stew, Buddha Bowl, Tortillas, Taboulé ...
Examples of dessert: Panacotta, Compote, Fresh Fruit Salad, Chocolate Mousse, Crumble, Clafoutis ...
Examples of Drinks: Cold Tea, Latte Matcha, Eau Detox, Lemonade, Coconut Green Tea ...

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