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Discover below all the next organic take-out meals offered by Naturo'Deliss. To view all the menus, go to the Calendar Page of organic Menus ►


CEach order must be placed the day before the chosen day before 10am (I wish to order the meal of Thursday March 8th, my order must be placed before Wednesday 10am.)
► Orders must be picked up at the shop between 11am and 2pm at the folowing address only : 28 Rue Jules Ferry - 83170 BRIGNOLES


How to choose my organic meal ?


Etape 1 - Choice of the Organic Menu

Thanks to the Menu Calendars or directly on this page, chose your menu ! Every day, a different organic menu.

Etape 2 - Choix of Options

On the page of your organic menu, personalize your options : starter, main courses, dessert... and opt for the option drink if you wish it.

Etape 3 - Take Off in Shop

Once ordered, you just have to wait for the day of your order and to go in Naturo'Deliss Shop between 11am & 14pm to take off your Lunchbox !

Etape 4 - return of lunchbox

After your tasting, return your lunchbox in store or bring it back when you get your next order 😉

Upcoming Organic Meals to Take Away