Committed Restaurant ©

Naturo'Deliss labeled " Committed Restaurant "!

Since September 2018, Naturo'Deliss has the label "Restaurant engaged" 2018 and we are proud of it!

This approach aims to implement Waste Prevention Plans & Programs in order to reduce the production of household waste and assimilated waste by 7% in 5 years.

This device is part of national environmental policies.

Since 2017, Engaged Trade is booming. After businesses and producers, it is the restaurant owners who commit themselves. The new Restaurant Engaged label is awarded on the same principle as the two previous ones: the desire to become more involved in an eco-responsible approach.

Commited Restaurant, what does this include ?

According to his aspirations, the restaurateur is committed to different niches such as fighting against food waste, promoting local and seasonal products, sorting and reducing waste ...

• reduce at the source of household and similar waste;
• encourage short economic circuits;
• fight against food waste;
• make customers aware of the seasonality of products, etc.

The complementarity between the Commited Trade labels makes it possible to boost the local economy and to network the economic actors of the territory around the issues of environmental protection.