Why choose Naturo'Deliss, organic caterer in the Var for your pro events ?

Organic & Fresh products

All culinary preparations are made from 100% organic and 100% fresh products !

100% Homemade

ALL dishes are homemade and made by our chef, in love with good organic food.

Local products

Naturo'Deliss cuisine is defined in keeping with the rhythm of the seasons and the production of our local farmers, with whom we work live as much as possible.


Select the best Organic Catering Event Manager


In your professional and associative circles, a multitude of events are regularly planned and deserve an optimal organization.

You will find the answers to your needs in the catering services offered by Naturo'Deliss!

Depending on your event, a tailor-made offer tailored to your budget will be submitted to you and will systematically include refinement & culinary creativity.

Professional seminar
Cocktail dinner 
Organic Inauguration
Product launch
conferences Annual meal
Holiday meal
Associative evening
And more !...

Capture all the senses of your guests and contribute to your professional image by calling on Naturo'Deliss, your organic Event organizer in the Var.

Discover various formulas, meals to the plate, buffet, cocktail, meal trays, snack ... by contacting your caterer!

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