organic juice bar

Organic Juice Bar concept for your events

Whatever your event, Naturo’Deliss offers a custom made Organic Juice Bar service!
Customize your event Organic juice bar according to your theme, your tastes or your budget! In any case, you will discover organic juice extra fresh, greedy & good for health … What more ?

  • Detox Juice,
  • Organic Vitality Juice,
  • Organic Diet Juice …

Naturo’Deliss concocts mixes based on Fruits, Vegetables, Spices, Nutricaments … to best suit your expectations!

  • Business juice bar in the morning to start the day,
  • sports event in the afternoon or evening tasting with friends,
  • everything is possible!

For a complete service and a thorough discovery of organic juices, we suggest you to animate the juice bar with the presence of our specialist naturopath, at the origin of all our juices.

For our Juice Bar events, Naturo’Deliss uses the horizontal extractor of Angel juice with extra slow speed which preserves all the vitamins and trace elements during the extraction while increasing the conservation time of the nutricaments.

And you ? at what event are you going to enjoy our Organic Juice Bar ?

  • Business Breakfast Juice Bar
  • Cocktail aperitif without alcohol Juice bar
  • Health Workshop Organic Cocktail Bar
  • Tasting evening Organic Juice 
  • Angel Bar Animation
  • Demonstration Angel
  • Organic Extractor

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