organic detox juice treatment

organic detox juice treatment by Naturo’Deliss

Exhaustion, stress or day of excess, your body may have trouble cleaning itself.
The organic detox treatment offered by Naturo’Deliss will help your organs (liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, skin) to purify and regenerate !

The idea is to offer you a cure of organic detox juice that suits you. For this, it is possible to base your treatment on Organic take-out menus offered within the Shop.

On 1, 2, 3 or 5 days, you can enjoy Organic Detox juice while discovering dietary recipes with Organic Naturo’Deliss meals !

Starter/ Dish Detox + Detox Drink 25cl + 50cl Detox juice to take away
= 45 € / day (decreasing from the 3rd day)

All the content of Organic detox treatments offered by Naturo’Deliss are supervised by Chantal DAUDIGNON, advisor nutrition in naturopathy. Our horizontal juicer Angel allows thanks to its extra slow speed to preserve more vitamins and trace elements and increases the shelf life of nutrients.

From nature full of glass,

Well being full body.