Organic catering for individuals

Organic Catering for individuals events

Naturo’Deliss offers its catering services dedicated to individuals. The use of an organic caterer in the PACA region can be linked to a multitude of needs:

  • Organization of a birthday,
  • family evening,
  • party,
  • theme party (Paella, Couscous, Plancha …)

To meet all your needs, Naturo’Deliss adapts to your event to offer a service that suits you 100%.

Whether it’s a need for an Organic catering event as mentioned above or a more intimate organic catering service such as a face to face meal, a meal in the countryside or a meal by the sea, Naturo ‘Deliss is THE ORGANIC CATERER you need!

why choose naturodeliss as a caterer ?

By opting for Naturo’Deliss Catering services, you will have a professional catering service that will do everything possible for a memorable day or evening. Aperitif, Cocktail, Buffet, Juice Bar … Tell us what makes you dream, we will take care of it! Of course, all the products used in the preparation of dishes come from organic farming and as far as possible from local trade. Our extreme traceability can prove it to you. Naturo’Deliss is also the union of talents at your disposal: Lighting, Decoration, Flowers, Sound, Animation, Room Proposal … The best professionals in the sector at your service!